Stop Aggressive Puppy

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Stop Aggressive Puppy

3 Sure Fire Ways To Stop Aggressive Puppy From Snarling And Snapping At People!

If you have an aggressive puppy it is important to define the reasons for such behavior and try to fight it with a suitable solution.

In most cases puppies exhibit aggressive puppy behavior because of the way they were brought up (you may have bought a dog that comes from a very bad breeder), although the genetic factors cannot be neglected.

In this article I will show you how to identify the causes of aggression and stop aggressive puppy from indulging in undesired behaviors that could harm you or your family members.


Stop Aggressive Puppy Part 1 – Let Him Socialize

While dealing with aggressive puppy behavior it is best to introduce as many new people and animals to your dog as possible before he reaches 3 months.

You can do that by taking him on regular walks and inviting folks to your house. Make sure they hold him and groom while giving a lot of praise and treats.

If your dog bites copy his mother’s behavior and make high pitched sounds (squeals) so that he knows that it hurts.

By implementing these techniques your dog will get used to being among new people and animals and the amount of aggressive puppy behavior he exhibits will decrease significantly.


Stop Puppy Aggression Part 2 – Identify The Causes Of Aggressive Puppy Behavior And Hire A Professional To Stop Aggressive Puppy

Another way to stop aggressive puppy is to spend a bit of time trying to identify the causes of the aggressive behavior he exhibits (this can be anything from approaching your dog while he eats, touching him in certain places to meeting new people).

The next step is to contact a professional dog trainer who will create a behavior modification program (based on positive reinforcement techniques) designed specifically for your pet.


Stop An Aggressive Puppy Part 3 – Take Him To The Vet

If your aggressive puppy became aggressive only recently and it seems a bit strange he may be dealing with a medical problem that is causing him a lot of pain and frustration. It can be anything from chemical imbalance, irritability to fever or more serious diseases like cancer.

In any case, you should take your pet to the vet to find out what it is that’s bothering your four-legged friend and apply suitable cure.

It is possible to stop aggressive puppy with the use of medicines so make sure to visit a vet if you suspect that it’s a medical condition that is causing aggressive puppy behavior.

These few tips should help you stop an aggressive puppy from exhibiting aggressive puppy behavior.

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