Stop Bad Dog Behavior

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Dog behavior training tips

Stop Bad Dog Behavior

Stop Bad Dog Behavior – 3 Most Common Dog Problems And How To Deal With Them

Dogs get involved in all sorts of undesired activities from excessive barking, biting people, jumping on them to such disgusting habits as eating their own feces. This is because many of them are left alone for too long and look for alternative ways to entertain themselves.

Think twice before you hit your dog in order to punish him for one of the things mentioned above. In most cases all bad dog behaviors that dog owners have to deal with are caused by ignorance and lack of care. Beneath is the list of the 3 most common dog problems and some tips on how to stop bad dog behavior.


How To Stop Bad Dog Behavior Part 1 – Dealing With Excessive Barking

Barking is an extremely popular bad dog behavior and is caused mainly by human airiness. Dogs will often get into excessive barking out of boredom as they love to listen to their own voice and will use it to communicate with other lonely pets in the neighborhood.

You can stop bad dog behavior by providing your canine with a sufficient amount of exercising (walks, games, obedience training). The main purpose of this is to make him as tired as possible so that the only thing he can think of is sleeping.


Bad Dog Behavior Help Part 2 – Eliminating The Chewing Habit

Chewing is another of the most common bad dog behaviors and can be extremely frustrating, especially if your pet is damaging your furniture.

A great tip on how to stop bad dog behavior of this type is to provide your four legged friend with something to do while you’re away. You may want to purchase a few Kong toys that can be stuffed with dog food and hide them all over the house. Your dog will have to spend hours looking for them and trying to get the treats out piece by piece.


How To Stop Bad Dog Behaviors Part 3 – Stopping Dog From Biting

Biting is definitely the most dangerous of all bad dog behaviors and should be dealt with as soon as it surfaces. Dogs may bite out of many reasons but the most alarming one is the need to show dominance over other family members.

If it happens to you, it is crucial to convince your pet that you are the alpha male in the pack or he may become uncontrollable and aggressive.

This is done by being firm and consistent in making orders, feeding your dog after you had your meal and copying his mother’s behavior (for example: you can roll your pet onto his back and hold him in this position until he stops wriggling and accepts your superiority).

With these bad dog behavior help tips you should be able to deal with majority of dog problems. If you need more information on how to stop bad dog behavior, you can browse through the categories on this site devoted to specific dog problems and find out even more information.

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