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How To Stop A Dog From Jumping


You might be wonderin how to stop a dog from jumping. First know that your dog is not doing this intentionally. Your dog is probably getting overly enthusiastic when he sees you and other people, and this leads to your dog jumping on people. However, you don’t have to make this an acceptable behavior. There are tips on how to stop a dog from jumping on people that you can implement right away!

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping? Use The Ignore Method

Here is a good method on how to stop a dog from jumping. As soon as his front feet leaves the ground turn your back on him. Dogs hate to be ignored, and this will make him realize that his behavior is unacceptable. Your dog will probably paw at your feet if you continue to ignore him. If he runs around to the other side of you, and tries to jump on you turn your back on him again. You continue to do this until your dog has stopped the jumping.

This method rewards your dog attention when he is doing the right thing, and ignores him when he is doing the undesirable behavior. This is how to stop a dog from jumping on people.

The ‘Stop’ Method

With this method when your dog starts to jump up you hold out your hand. As they jump up you say “Stop” and push their nose back to the ground. The dog’s nose is the most sensitive part of their body. When you push it down they will quickly learn that jumping on people is not acceptable. With this method it is important that you stay consistent. Slowly but surely you will learn how to stop a dog from jumping.

Learn How To Stop A Dog From Jumping And Practice!

When it comes to any type of dog training or teaching your dog tricks, don’t be afraid to be creative with your training. It can be a ton of fun to create training programs for your dog.

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