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Tips On Dog Training


4 Amazingly Effective Tips On Dog Training!

How To Raise Your Pet To Be An Obedient And Friendly Animal

In this short article I will show you some of the most essential tips on dog training you need to know before purchasing a new dog. A lot of folks out there think that owning a dog is as simple as feeding him and giving a place to sleep. This is not true and often leads to problems such as excessive barking, biting or eliminating indoors as not enough time is spent on dog training.

How to train your dog so that he becomes an easy-going and well-behaving pet? You will need to use these 4 simple tips on dog training I outlined below.


Tip Number 1 – How To Be A Pack Leader

One of the most important things you need to be aware of is the fact that dogs are naturally pack animals and they will look for a pack leader as soon as they join your family. You need to show dominance over your new pet from the very beginning or he will instinctively take over that position and may become uncontrollable.

The easiest way to climb in the hierarchy is to be firm and consistent while eliminating your dog’s bad habits, feed him after you had your meal and once in a while roll him onto his back. The last method is taken from the real life bitch behavior and is the most effective way to signalize your dominance.

These few tips on dog training will help you become the pack leader in a matter of days!


Tips On Dog Training Number 2 – How To Feed My Pet

tips_on_dog_training-300x199-3234700Among the most important tips on dog training knowing how to feed your pet is at the very top. If you won’t pay too much attention to choosing the right products and preparing a well-balanced and highly nutritious meals your pet will quickly get obese and will lose health. Find a dry kibble type suitable for your dog’s age and schedule two or three meals each day.

Take the bowl with food away as soon as your dog stops eating and never fill it up so that he can fit in a bit more. We don’t want your pet to get obese and believe me dogs are very voracious and can’t control the amount of food consumed.


Tip Number 3 – How To Toilet Train My Dog

Toilet training is often perceived as the hardest part in dog training but in reality it shouldn’t cause any trouble as long as one knows what to do. First of all, make sure to provide your pet with his own living area. Dogs are naturally ‘den’ animals and it’s your responsibility to specify such a place for your pet in the house. Because they are also clean animals they will not soil the den unless forced to. This will speed up the toilet training process because your pet will need to learn how to control his bladder and colon.

Next, decide on a toilet area somewhere in the yard. You will need to take your dog to this place every time he wants to eliminate and use one command consistently (e.g. ‘go poop’ or ‘go potty’) so that it becomes associated in his mind with defecating or urinating. This last part is one of the most important tips on dog training out there so make sure to remember it!

Tip Number 4 – How To Train My Dog To Be Obedient

Obedience training (which is essential if you want to raise a friendly and well-behaving pet) is yet another important aspect of dog training. You can either try training your dog by yourself (a good dog training guide is needed) or sign up for an obedience class where you’ll get a chance to teach your dog basic obedience commands under the supervision of a professional dog trainer.


These Are The Most Important Tips On Dog Training You Need To Know

Ok, that’s it ???? You have now learned 4 most important tips on dog training that, if implemented properly, will help you train your dog to be the pet you want him to be in no time at all!

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