Top 10 Dog Friendly Hotels in the United States

Dog friendly hotels love well behaved pups like this Goldendoodle, jumping up at a desk to say hello.
Goldendoodle dog is jumping up at the reception desk of his grooming parlour.
A Golden Retriever lays on a hotel bed with a blanket over his head.
Dog friendly hotels let you share the adventure with your best friend! Credit:Prystai

Want to bring your dog on vacation, but having a hard time finding dog friendly hotels? We’ve got your covered!

Many people think that having a dog means you can’t travel. Traveling abroad can be challenging, but if you stick to the United States, you can easily travel with your dog!

We’ve scoured the internet to find these customer approved, top rated dog friendly hotels for the perfect vacation.

Each hotel shows you the Google Review score (Out of 5 stars) and how many reviews have been left. (We wanted to make it easy for you.)

Top 10 Dog Friendly Hotels in the United States

The Oxford Hotel, Bend, OR – 398 reviews, 4.7 stars

Named one of the top pet-friendly hotels on TripAdvisor, The Oxford Hotel in Bend, Oregon, is a luxurious dog-friendly hotel. You and up to two dogs can stay in pet-friendly rooms.

In addition, you will not have to share a bed with your dog as The Oxford Hotel provides the right sized dog bed for your dog. You’ll also receive two travel dog bowls for your stay and one you can take home with you. (Cute touch!)

Everything is taken care of for you, from organic dog treats to loaner collars and leashes if you forget yours. You can even pay for dog walking services if you need! 

When you check in, you must agree to the Pet Behavior Guidelines and pay a $59 fee per pet per stay. You will want to make reservations ahead of time as dog-friendly rooms are limited. 

You will also receive a map of dog-friendly walking trails and parks. The location of this hotel is close to many pet-friendly establishments in town as well.

Goldendoodle dog is jumping up at the reception desk of his grooming parlour. Dog friendly hotels love to see pups playing.
Having a well behaved dog is rewarded when you can take them everywhere. Credit:SolStock

Thompson Savannah, Savannah, GA – 287 reviews, 4.6 stars

If you love the beach and want to bring your furry friend with you, The Thompson Savannah Hotel in Savannah, GA, is the place for you. 

This hotel is located right at the Savannah River, making it a great location to walk your dog. Many local establishments are dog friendly and within walking distance. The Two Cracked Eggs Cafe and Driftaway Cafe are two of the many Savannah establishments that welcome doggos as well.

There are no breed restrictions at the Thompson Savannah and no additional fee. You can have up to two dogs with you in a room. Your dog must be on a leash in the common areas, and someone must always be in the room with your dog. 

Your dog will get an appropriately sized dog bed and treats to make their stay more comfortable. 

L’Auberge de Sedona, Sedona, AZ – 1,356 reviews, 4.5 stars

If you are looking for a more secluded, private cottage hotel that is also dog friendly, you will love L’Auberge de Sedona. USA Today has rated this hotel as one of the top ten dog-friendly hotels in the entire USA. 

Once you check in and arrive at your cottage, your dog will find a goodie bag with the following:

  • a toy 
  • treats
  • cleanup bags 
  • map of dog-friendly walking trails 

They will also have a dog bed that fits them perfectly. 

If you forget your leash, you can request one to use during your stay. In addition, the concierge can help you find information like where you can find pet stores and even vets in the event of an emergency. 

The location of this hotel makes it a perfect place if you want to explore Red Rock country. 

There is a $75 per pet per day fee. 

A woman walks her two dogs on a beach in front of a large building with the sun behind them.
Vacations are always better when you don’t have to leave your dogs at home. Credit:MesquitaFMS

Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA – 2,057 reviews, 4.5 stars 

The Fairmont Copley Plaza may be one of the best dog-friendly hotels. You know they prioritize their furry friends when they have a Canine Ambassador, Cori Copley, who greets all guests in the lobby. This has been a tradition for over 20 years. 

The Fairmont has its “Furiend” package, which allows you and up to two pets to stay in dog-friendly rooms for $50 per pet. In addition, your dog will receive a hotel-themed biscuit gift box from Boston Bakery (if your dog loves these, you get 20% off at the bakery to take treats home). All dogs get their own bed and water bowl as well. 

The Fairmont goes above and beyond to give you a curated dog-friendly guide to the Boston area. In addition, they can help you build an itinerary of the best dog-friendly walking trails, shops, and parks to visit. 

Additional VIP (Very Important Pup) perks are Free Brush and Go grooming at ONYVA and 10% off other ONYVA services. 

Bayview Harbor Hotel, Bar Harbor, ME – 127 reviews, 4.7 stars 

If you love spending time outdoors with your dog, the Bayview Harbor Hotel in Bar Harbor, ME, is a great choice! There are so many activities you can do with your dog, from: 

  • hiking 
  • kayaking
  • cruises 
  • shopping 
  • dining 

Aside from all of these things, you can also explore Acadia National Park, with over 100 miles of trails! 

There are two rooms dedicated to dogs that are ocean level. It easily allows you to take your dog outside on the lawn rather than going through the lobby. Your dog will have their own dog bed and bowl. They will also receive a welcome basket with treats and a custom bandana. 

Dogs under 40 pounds are welcome in their dog-friendly rooms, and you can have up to two dogs in a room. However, the fee is $50 a night, and your dog cannot be left alone in the room. 

The St. Regis Aspen Resort, Aspen, CO – 663 reviews, 4.4 stars

If you are looking for a fun ski weekend and want your dog to have just as much fun, the St. Regis Aspen Resort will not disappoint. 

Your dog can enjoy daily Champagne sabering and monthly Bark’n’Brews events with Kitty, the hotel ambassador who also happens to be a Bernese Mountain dog. 

While you are out enjoying the slopes, your dog can enjoy a day in Aspen with a private dog walker at $50 an hour for the first three hours. Any longer is $100 an hour. 

All dog breeds and weights are accepted. There is a $100 fee for the first night. After the first night, the fee is $25 per night. 

Young woman sitting on sofa in hotel lobby while working on laptop, little dog standing next to her on sofa.
You know you’re in a dog friendly hotel when they have a canine ambassador! Credit:freemixer

Cypress Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA – 409 Reviews, 4.5 Stars

Hitting up the beaches of California with your dog is the perfect way to spend a vacation. The Cypress Inn near Carmel Beach is the perfect place for you to do this with up to three dogs!

(Unfortunately, not many dog-friendly hotels allow more than two dogs.)

If you bring one dog, the rate per night is $30. It increases with each dog you bring. Two dogs is $50 a night, and three dogs is $70 a night. 

Upon arrival, your dog will have its own water bowl and even treats. You will also get pick-up bags (so there is no need to pack extras). If you go to the beach with your dog, there is an area to wash them nefore heading back to the hotel.

Archer Hotel, Austin, TX – 904 reviews, 4.7 stars 

You and your dog will love the Archer Hotel, right when you walk through the entrance!

Upon your arrival, there will be a “pooch-level” welcome sign just for your dog (and water since they are probably thirsty after their travels). You will also get an information card with all of the top dog-friendly places in Austin, from parks to restaurants. 

Your dog will have its own bed, two bowls, and a bag of biscuits for them to enjoy. The front desk will happily give you more whenever your dog needs a treat. 

There is no per-room fee. However, there is a pet cleaning deposit of $150 that is nonrefundable. 

Tides Inn Resort & Marina, Irvington, VA – 653 reviews, 4.5 stars 

Why leave your dog out on an adventure-filled vacation when you can bring them with you for fun? The Tides Inn Resort and Marina will leave your dog relaxed after a long day exploring the waters. 

Your dog will have its own custom pet bed and custom pet bowl. They will have a dog biscuit barrel in the room, so they will never stay hungry! You will get poo bags and a flashlight if you walk in the evenings. This is a great touch! 

You can bring up to two dogs with you. Each pet is $150 per stay. Only certain rooms are dog-friendly, so make sure to book early. 

Barnsley Resort, Adairsville, GA – 755 reviews, 4.5 Stars

If you want to be close to a city, but your dog isn’t used to city life, Barnsley Resort is a great option. About an hour away from Atlanta, you and your dog can stay at a great resort to enjoy the beautiful Georgia nature.

Your dog will receive a bowl and water bottle along with treats. If you need a pet sitter while you go to the city, this can be arranged. 

Your dog is welcome on the entire property except for a few areas, like the pool. These areas are clearly stated. In addition, your dog can join you at the fire pits, outdoor dining, and even play lawn games. 

There is a one-time non-refundable pet fee of $175 for a bedroom cottage. If you want a multi-room cottage, this will be $275. 

Have You Tried Any of These Dog Friendly Hotels? 

There are so many dog-friendly hotels in every state, but these ten hotels stand out as the best in the entire US.

They offer superb amenities for your dog. These hotels are in amazing locations that your dog will love as much as you do.

Let us know if you go! We’d love to hear if we were bang on – and we love a good recommendation for more places we bring our dogs. Happy vacationing!

Still aren’t sure if you want to bring your pup on your trip?

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