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The Ultimate Guide: How to Finally Stop Your Dog Barking All the Time

If only dogs could talk! We would know when something’s wrong, when they’re happy, and when they’re scared or bored. We’d become that...

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

How much to feed my dog? This is one of the most popular questions dog owners have when they purchase their new pet....

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Crate Training Adult Dog

3 Tips On Crate Training Adult Dog You Can’t Afford To Miss! Crate training adult dog is definitely worth doing because it’s one...

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Stop Bad Dog Behavior

Stop Bad Dog Behavior – 3 Most Common Dog Problems And How To Deal With Them Dogs get involved in all sorts of...

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Crate Training For Dogs

For a new dog owner using a crate during the dog training process seems like a cruel and sadistic method. People imagine various...

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How To Stop Dog From Biting – Everything You Need To Know To Deal With This Annoying Habit

How To Stop Dog From Biting Part 1 – Why Dogs Bite? Biting is a natural stage in dog’s development. During puppyhood young...

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Crate Training An Older Dog

Crate training an older dog differs slightly from crate training puppies but follows the same basic principles. It is important to note that...

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How to Clean you Dog’s Ears at Home

Regular Cleaning Prevents Infections Your dog’s ears are the ideal haven for yeast and bacterial infections. It is important to learn how to...

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Crate Training Your Dog

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of crate training your dog and the process of buying the right crate, we can proceed to...

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How To Stop Dog From Jumping On People

Most people appreciate a friendly dog but when that dog decides to jump on people in their enthusiasm, it often sets a bad...