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Best Puppy Training

Best Puppy Training – 4 Crucial Things You Have To Know Before You Start Training Your Dog!

If you’re looking for best puppy training method you have come to the right place. In this short article we will outline the most crucial elements of basic puppy training and point you in the right direction in case you would want to find out more information in the future.

It is important to understand that your puppy’s behavior, character and temperament will depend mainly on your actions. You need to remember that your pet is watching and listening to you even when you’re not aware of it, so make sure to be a good role model and stay consistent while implementing the best puppy training techniques described below.

Ok, so what is dog obedience puppy training all about? Read below…


Best Puppy Training Part 1 – Become An Alpha Male

The first element of the best puppy training is to clearly state who is the alpha male in your family – you or the new pet.

Young dogs will often bite and play-fight with their litter mates in order to determine who’s the leader. These games reflect future conflicts one may have with his dog while trying to win a leading role in the pack (the moment your new dog joins the family he starts to think of it as a pack).

You need to show dominance by being firm and consistent while implementing dog obedience puppy training techniques. If your puppy continues to annoy you by biting or growling, you can roll him onto his back and hold him in this position untill he stops rumbling.


Basic Puppy Training Part 2 – Never Punish Your Dog

Second element of the best puppy training is to avoid punishing your dog for all the wrong things he does. There is no point in screaming on your puppy because such behavior will only make him more stressed and confused.

He might have problems with focusing on what you want him to do, if you keep screaming at him. Don’t ever hit your dog! This is the biggest mistake you can make and it usually results in an angry and nervous animal that develops a phobia of new people and will not hesitate to attack them. Litter mates do not hit themselves in natural conditions and such behavior is treated by them as a physical threat that needs to be faced with aggression.


Dog Obedience Puppy Training Part 3 – Use Positive Reinforcement

Basic puppy training is all about using positive reinforcement techniques instead of punishing your dog.

Make sure to praise your four legged friend a lot and pat his head every time he does something good and desired. Use treats like dog food or snacks to reward good behavior and thus reinforce the desired habits.

This technique brings much better results than using violence and will allow you to raise an easy-going and relaxed dog.


Best Puppy Training Part 4 – Learn Your Pet’s Body Language

In order to make best puppy training work, one needs to understand dog’s body language. You need to be able to communicate with your pet and knowing what certain type of tail movement or ears position means will make it much easier.

Also, take some time to investigate the meaning of various sounds that dogs make. Howling, barking, growling or whining – all of them communicate a different story and understanding them will help you in solving your dog’s problems.

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