Get A Dog To Stop Barking

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Stop dog barking

Get A Dog To Stop Barking

Get A Dog To Stop Barking – 4 Amazingly Effective Methods

Stopping your dog from barking doesn’t have to be hard and one can get a dog to stop barking in a matter of days.

However, it is important to understand that barking is one of the main ways to communicate that your dog uses on a daily basis and thus it is impossible to eliminate it entirely.

There are methods to reduce barking to minimum but you still want your dog to bark when asked or when something alien or potentially dangerous is approaching.

In order to start implementing barking control methods you first need to understand the reasons why dogs bark.

Majority of them will do it out of boredom and lack of attention. Very often they are left alone for entire days and will look for ways to entertain themselves. One of those ways is barking.


Get A Dog To Stop Barking Method 1 – Keep Him Occupied

In order to get dog to stop barking you will have to redirect his attention onto something that will keep him occupied.

A good solution is to buy a Kong toy which can be stuffed with food and will force your four legged friend to work really hard in order to get it out piece by piece.

You can also leave the radio or TV on. Not only will these devices mask background sounds that may trigger barking but also provide your dog with some entertainment for at least a few hours.


Get My Dog To Stop Barking Method 2 – Make Him Exhausted

“Ok, are there any other ways I can get my dog to stop barking?” Yes, the easiest one is to make him tired!

Take him on a long walk where you could play with him or let him socialize with other dogs.

You can also sign him up for an obedience class or some other form of training. Mental exercises will make your dog even more exhausted so be sure to choose wisely.

What you want to do here is to make your pet so tired that the only thing he can think of is sleeping.


Get Dog To Stop Barking Method 3 – Shoot Him From A Water Gun!

You can also get a dog to stop barking by using a little bit of water. How? Every time your dog barks shoot him straight at this face from a water gun.

This will be so shocking to him that he will instantly stop barking.

Make sure to be consistent and squirt some water at his face every time he starts to bark. Always use the same command (e.g. ‘quiet’) while doing this in order to associate this word with the unpleasant feeling of being wet.


Get A Dog To Stop Barking Method 4 – Perform Cordectomy (Not Recommended!)

If you’re really annoyed with your dog barking you might have considered the most drastic barking control method – cordectomy (also called ‘debarking’). It is a surgery that focuses on resizing dog’s vocal chords.

Because it harms the dog and doesn’t eliminate the causes of barking we don’t recommend this method.

With a little effort on your side it is possible to get a dog to stop barking within a few days!

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