3 Amazingly Effective Ways To Make Your Dog Stop Eating Poop. Learn How To Get Rid Of This Horrible Habit Once And For All!

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Stop dog from eating poop

If you want to make your dog stop eating poop there are a few proven methods that will definitely help you. Even though the exact reasobns for dogs eating poop are still a mystery dog trainers around the world have managed to discover certain patterns that may help us in fighting this disgusting habit.

It is believed that one of the most common causes for dogs eating feces is boredom and stress. If you can find a way to eliminate this two things from your dogs life you will be way ahead of others who keep screaming and hitting their pets in hope of revelation. If you won’t be able to make your dog stop eating poop by following these few simple steps I outlined below remember that coprophagia (habit of eating feces) usually disappears when the dog reaches 12 months.

1. How Can A Bit Of Fresh Air Make My Dog Stop Eating Poop?

One of the biggest reasons for dogs eating stools is boredom. Bored dog will often look for controversial types of entertainment and may end up damaging your house, whining and barking or eating his or your cat’s poop.

Make sure to provide your dog with enough exercises and free time outside (for example in the park) so that he can play with other animals and socialize with them. Take him on regular walks and sign up for an obedience class where both of you will learn new things. You will be able to tech your dog basic obedience commands such as sit, stay or fetch and strengthen the relationship you have with your pet. Combination of both mental and physical efforts is often enough to make your dog stop eating poop as he will definitely choose sleeping over running around and making mess.

2. Make Your Dog Stop Eating Poop By Providing Him With A Well-Balanced Diet

Another popular belief is that dogs eat poop in order to complement their diet. Because the meals you feed your pet lack minerals and vitamins he looks for these substances in other food sources (poop being one of them).

That is why you need to make sure to provide your dog with a well-balanced and highly nutritious diet such as dry kibble which consists of all the nutritional elements he will ever need. You can also enrich his diet with snacks high in nutrients. Make sure to buy a Kong toy and stuff these snacks inside it. This way your dog will not only eat healthy food but also stay calm and quiet for a couple of hours trying to get the treat out of his new toy.

3. How Can The ‘Off’ Command Make My Dog Stop Eating Poop

Another great way to make your dog stop eating poop is to teach him the ‘off’ command used by dog trainers around the world to keep their dogs away from undesired items.

Start by putting a tasty treat in your hand and showing it to your dog. The moment he reaches for it close your palm and say firmly ‘off’. Wait for a few seconds and, if your dog resisted from trying to get the treat, give it to him while praising cheerfully. Next, repeat the same procedure but this time hold on to the treat for a little longer so that your dog has to show some patience. If done properly, after a few weeks of training your dog should instantly react to the ‘off’ command by leaving untouched whatever he has intended to put into his mouth, including stools. This is a great method to make your dog stop eating poop.

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