How To Stop Puppy Nipping And Biting

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Stopping puppy nipping

How To Stop Puppy Nipping And Biting

How To Stop Puppy Nipping And Biting FAST!

Puppy biting and nipping can be extremely annoying and sometimes even dangerous. If you don’t take any action to deal with that problem your pet will get used to this undesired behavior and will continue biting in the future for fun, to show dominance or to get someone’s attention.

How to stop puppy nipping and biting?

If implemented early enough puppy nipping and biting training can significantly reduce the amount of biting and nipping experienced and can help you raise a relaxed and easy-going pet.

Below is the list of the most effective tips on how to stop puppy nipping and biting that forms the basis of the training method mentioned above.


How To Stop Puppy Nipping And Biting Part 1 – Get Another Dog Icon Razz 5665475 (Just Joking Icon Smile 8548258

One of the simplest tips on how to stop puppy nipping and biting is to let your dog play-fight with other animals.

You can either buy another pet or simply start taking your dog to the park on a regular basis. This way he can go through the process of bite inhibition and learn what’s considered fun and what’s harmful.

This technique works well with puppies that didn’t have time to learn this stuff from their litter mates and mother.


Puppies Biting And Nipping Training Part 2 – Make Him Busy!

Some dogs bite out of boredom. You can redirect their attention onto something more appropriate like a chewing toy or make them tired so that the only thing they can think of is sleeping. This is a crucial part of the puppies biting and nipping training method presented in this article.

The first solution is a huge time-saver and it will only require you to buy a few different toys so that your pet doesn’t get bored instantly. The best option on the market are Kong toys which can be stuffed with dog food and snacks and will force your dog to work really hard to get the treat out.

You can also sing your dog up for an obedience class where you will get a chance to teach him basic obedience commands and strengthen the relationship you have with your pet.

Combination of mental and physical efforts will make your dog really exhausted, thus reducing the probability of him getting involved in such undesired behaviors as biting or barking. This will significantly speed up the puppy biting and nipping training.

Any other tips on how to stop puppy nipping and biting you know of?


How To Stop Puppy Nipping And Biting Part 3 – Teach Your Pet The ‘Off’ Command

The ‘off’ command is most commonly used to stop dogs from picking random things off the ground or prevent them from chasing other animals. However, it can also be utilized in the puppies biting and nipping training.

First of all, put a tasty treat in your hand and hold it in front of your dog’s nose. The moment he tries to reach for it say firmly ‘off’ and close your palm. Wait for two or three seconds and, if your pet didn’t try to obtain the treat in any way, give it to him while praising cheerfully.

Repeat the exercise a few times but make your dog wait for a little bit longer during each attempt.

You will be able to use this command in the future to stop your pet from biting or chewing on different parts of your body.

These few tips on how to stop puppy nipping and biting should make the puppy biting and nipping training much easier!

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