The Great Pyrenees

Known as the Great Pyrenees, or the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, these great big lovely beasts originated in France and are known as a herd and home guarding breed. Not suited to city life, these wonderful creatures do well protecting acreages and being outdoors – a lot. Their thick, waterproof coat keeps them protected from most harsh weather, but they are susceptible to skin issues in too much heat, and, due to their weight, can develop the joint problems that often come with Giant breeds.

All these pics are of Molly at 5 months old, who lives on an acreage and gleefully tears around her yard and away from her owner. Stay tuned for more pics as this sweet baby grows up! She is a Pyrenees/Maremma/Irish Wolfhound cross.

Pyrenees/Maremma/Irish Wolfhouns puppy in the snow
Pyrenees/Maremma/Irish Wolfhound puppy

***heads up – there is some swearing in the next 2 vids – but who hasn’t sworn at their puppy when they’re doing bad shit?

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