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How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

How much to feed my dog? This is one of the most popular questions dog owners have when they purchase their new pet. Feeding your dog will be one of the biggest responsibilities that you will have as a dog owner. Failing to feed your dog properly can lead to serious health problems. Let’s examine a few tips that can help you determine how much you should feed your dog.


Age of Your Canine Pet

How much to feed my dog? How old is your canine? Your dog’s age will determine how much food you should give your new pet. A dog is considered to be an adult within one year. An adult will require more food than a puppy.

Free Feeding

How much to feed my dog? Free feeding is a simple technique that revolves around keeping food within the puppy’s bowl throughout the entire day. This can help avoid any problems that come with underfeeding your canine treasure. In some cases, you may also feed your puppy at least four times each day. Keeping your puppy well feed will discourage him or her from chewing on your furniture and shoes.

How Much To Feed My Dog – Adult Feeding

An adult dog’s appetite can be satisfied with ease. You can get away with feeding your adult pet twice each day. You should place appropriate dog food within your pet’s bowl in the morning and in the evening. Several hours should always pass by before you place any food in the bowl. Adult dogs are not fond of being overfed. They are notorious for ignoring food that is placed within their bowl throughout the day.

How Much To Feed My Dog?

This is one of the most popular questions asked by many new dog owners. Your dog’s age will always determine how much food you should give him. Following the tips listed above can help you make the correct decision.

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