Some people should not get a dog. Here's how to know if you're really ready.
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10 Reasons You Should Not Get a Dog 

Some people should not get a dog. Listen, puppies are cute. So are pictures of shelter dogs who are in desperate need of...

When it's freezing outside, you can still find some fun things to do with your dog!
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10 Cool “It’s Freezing Outside” Activities You Can Still Do With Your Dog

It is officially winter, and while the days are getting a little longer, it’s freezing outside. The recent cold front that most of...

Leash training can be a pain, but your puppy will be better for it.
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Everything You Need to Know About Leash Training Your Dog 

Are you ready for some leash training? If you’ve ever walked a brand new and energetic puppy (of almost any breed!), you’ve probably...

Pandemic dogs deserve to have time invested in them

I Got a Pandemic Dog: What Do I Do Now?

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and restrictions hit most of us hard. You might have found yourself working from home, unable to socialize...

How will our puppies fare post-pandemic? Are you ready?
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How to Prepare Your Dog For Post-Pandemic Life

Faced with boredom, loneliness, and even depression, millions of individuals and families have decided that now is the perfect time to get a...

A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever wears black glasses and lays his head on an open magazine
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Wondering About Pet Insurance? 5 Helpful Facts You Need To Know

As many dog owners might already know, caring for our beloved pets can become very expensive. When your little furry friend falls ill...



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