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Dog friendly hotels love well behaved pups like this Goldendoodle, jumping up at a desk to say hello.

Top 10 Dog Friendly Hotels in the United States

Want to bring your dog on vacation, but having a hard time finding dog friendly hotels? We’ve got your covered! […]

The dachshund is a wonderfully playful
Dog breeds

8 Quirky Traits of a Dachshund

The Dachshund is a popular dog breed due to their small size and loving personality. They are great for children […]

Some people should not get a dog. Here's how to know if you're really ready.

10 Reasons You Should Not Get a Dog

Some people should not get a dog. Listen, puppies are cute. So are pictures of shelter dogs who are in […]

When your dog barks, what is she telling you?
Adult dog and puppy problems

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Barks All the Time & What You Can Do to Stop it

When a dog barks, it’s sure to get your attention, no matter the tone. Dogs bark for different reasons, from […]

When it's freezing outside, you can still find some fun things to do with your dog!
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10 Cool “It’s Freezing Outside” Activities You Can Still Do With Your Dog

It is officially winter, and while the days are getting a little longer, it’s freezing outside. The recent cold front […]