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8 Quirky Traits of a Dachshund

The dachshund is a wonderfully playful

The Dachshund is a popular dog breed due to their small size and loving personality. They are great for children and older adults.

However, any dachshund owner will tell you that their dog has a few quirky traits that they have never seen with other dog breeds. Let’s take a look!

Here are the Eight Quirky Traits of a Dachshund. 

1. They love to burrow.

If you have a dachshund and any blankets on the floor, you need to watch out where you step because they could be burrowed in it!

Dachshunds love to burrow because of their background as a badger dog. They were bred to hunt badgers because their short legs keep them low to the ground to track scents, and their narrow bodies allow them to crawl into burrows, looking for badgers.

So while most Dachshunds aren’t hunting dogs, those natural instincts are what make them want to burrow in anything they can. 

A dachshund sits on a shelf with a vase and mirror behind her.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

2. Your dachshund will train you.

Many dachshund owners say that their dog trains them, not the other way around. Dachshunds have a very particular way of life, and owners tend to adjust their life and routine to their dogs.

These dogs know how to get their way, and because they are so cute, their owners will give in to this. Since dachshunds are so stubborn, they tend to get their way. 

3. They are vocal dogs.

Dachshunds are vocal dogs. They love to let you know what they think!

If they want you to pay attention to them, they will whine or even bark at you. If they are hungry, they will keep staring at you until you get their food ready.

You can train your dachshund to be less vocal, but back to the previous point; they will probably be vocal even with training. 

4. They love to dance in circles.

When a dachshund gets excited, it will start to dance in circles. Dachshunds are a very expressive dog breed, so it is easy to know when something is wrong, when they are happy or sad.

If you mention a snack or that it is dinner time, expect them to dance around until you put their food bowl down. If a family member comes home, expect them to run around in circles around the house. 

5. They are smart dogs.

Dachshunds are very smart dogs. They can be trained, especially by their owner, because they are loyal and territorial dogs.

Dachshunds will know the name of every toy they have, will understand when a family member is visiting out of town, and so much more.

When it comes to their owner, they have a high “work and obedience intelligence,” but since they are so stubborn, it can work against them. Their stubbornness makes them harder to train and follow certain rules. 

6. They love to play.

Since dachshunds were trained to hunt badgers, they are high-energy dogs. They love to play and be outside.

Many people think because they are small dogs, they don’t require a lot of exercise, but this breed needs more activity than you may think.

In addition, the physical structure of a dachshund makes them prone to back issues. So while your dog may love to play, ensure their activities are low to the ground and avoid letting them jumping on and off high furniture. 

A dachshund puppy is held up to the camera with his tongue sticking out.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay

7. They are known as one of the most aggressive breeds.

Dachshunds are loving dogs when it comes to their owner. However, they are territorial dogs and can be very aggressive.

This is due to their hunting background of having to be tough and aggressive when hunting for badgers.

They also tend to have a big personality for such a small dog, which leads them to “little dog syndrome,” where they think they are bigger dogs than they actually are. 

8. They are loyal.

All dog owners will say their dog is loyal and loving. But Dachshunds take loyalty to the next level.

Because they are so aggressive and stubborn, many dachshunds have slight separation anxiety toward their owner. They are so loyal that they only want to be with their owner and avoid interacting with other people.

Socializing a dachshund around other dogs and people is crucial. Crate training them and letting them be alone as a puppy is also smart, so they don’t have too much separation anxiety. 

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Final Thoughts 

All of these quirky behaviors are what make Dachshunds a perfect dog.

Their stubborn and vocal behavior will make you laugh. They will always tell you they love you with unwavering loyalty.

Their quirky behaviors, like burrowing under all the blankets, will keep you guessing their next move. They are great dogs for families or singles.

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