Stop dog biting

How To Stop Dog From Biting – Everything You Need To Know To Deal With This Annoying Habit


How To Stop Dog From Biting Part 1 – Why Dogs Bite?

Biting is a natural stage in dog’s development.

During puppyhood young dogs go through the teething period and biting and chewing are two indispensable ways to find relief from itching and pain associated with it.

Puppies also bite because they need to find out how to use their jaws. This process is called bite inhibition and is all about discovering the force of biting from the reactions of the dog’s mother and litter mates.

Because canines are pack animals they tend to show dominance and fight for the leader position by biting and nipping other members of the pack. This is another reason for your pet to indulge in this activity.

All of these behaviors reinforce the biting habit and make it harder to stop dog from biting.

How To Stop A Dog From Biting Part 2 – Most Common Problems

The real problem arises when our cute lovable puppy becomes a grown up dog with strong teeth and deeply rooted habits. At this stage, it is much harder to stop dog from biting, especially if he’s not aware of other methods of releasing stress and inner tension.

It may get even worse if your pet feels the urge to dominate over the entire family. And this WILL happen if you won’t behave like the pack leader and make it clear to your four legged friend as to who is who in the hierarchy. Don’t blame your dog, he’s not trying to be nasty. It’s just his instinct that forces him to protect the family and take the lead.

So as you can see, if you want to stop a dog from biting, you need to take appropriate measures right from the very beginning of his life. If your four legged friend is already mature, you’ll need to accept the fact that the training is going to take a little longer. Why? Because your pet has plenty of bad habits rooted deeply in his brain and may be less willing to learn new things.

How To Stop Dog From Biting Part 3 – Few Things You Need To Know

Before we move to the section where I share with you some tips on how to stop dog from biting let me mention a few more things that will form a basis for the training process and make it less frustrating.

1. Make sure all of your family members use the same training methods.

This will allow you to avoid situations in which your dog becomes confused and doesn’t know what to do. If you really want to stop a dog from biting you have to implement this tip.

2. Always reward your pet for obedience and good behavior.

3. Be patient and persistent.

Use the same techniques on a consistent basis and you’ll start seeing results within the first few weeks.

Ok, now that I’ve introduced you to the problem and explained its origins let’s look at some of the most effective ways to stop dog from biting.

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